April 6, 2009

American Dream?

You can take whatever you'd like from me.
(And you have)
I have nothing left.
(And you know this already)

If I must be with nothing than I will learn to enjoy having nothing.
Then we will see who has the last laugh.
Yes, I want a white picket fence but you take and you take and you take some more.
My pockets and my soul are empty.
I am tired and I am taxed.
You leave me not choices and ignore me until I can no longer stand on my own two feet.
Then you feed me with food stamps.

You can shovel whatever bull you'd like by me.
(And you have)
I smell nothing.
(And you know this already)

The lessons I once knew and the drive I once had are now all but gone.
I will live within myself and stop pretending I can make my world better.

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