December 24, 2008

There Has To Be More To Life

I wake up in the morning without a thing to say.
I am not happy, nor am I sad.
I am a victim of being average.
What I believe is not important.
Everything is synical.
Speech is filled with bland stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
I accept friendship is on a hollowed ground and love is on a need to have basis.
This life is so fragile.
It sickens me that everyday I grow more resentful of how much I hate being right all the time.

December 8, 2008

Old Views In A New Age

Who I am, what I am.
As if I have any fulfillment within my soul.
When shall the sun rise over my world views.
Make me believe there is truth and justice and love.

I wander in a wreckless haze.
Blinded by my heritage, blinded by my society.
A nationality of mass stupidity.
Why won't everyone just shut up!!!!

You all think you are so smart.
Your values are sickly and plagued by old morality.
Judgement is reality and judgement is an illusion.
Will we ever have the sense to know why we live?