May 26, 2008

What Is Wrong With Love

My feelings are filled with confusion.
I love her and I hate her.
How is that possible?
Should it be this way?
Is it always this way?

We have so much in common.
We have nothing in common.
What is wrong with love?
I am at the mercy of forgiveness.
Mine and her's.

May 13, 2008

Silent Heart

I have just closed my heart. I can hear the sounds of a constant agony.

I have isolated my love.

I rest on a whisper. I realize I am alone like an old habit. When did I turn into the past. Did I miss my future? I forgot to love you. But, passion is all I needed to give. I forget to tell you. But, communication is all I need to provide.

I have isolated myself.

May 12, 2008

Once Upon Me

I pay the price for the creation of my serious nature.
I work too hard.
I think too much.
I give into reason
and I doubt my own faith sometimes.
The joke is never on me,
because I frown from the attention it might bring.
I am as serious as my sullen expression.
I have no monitary trust in how I spend my time.
The cost is too high.
The desire is too weak.
I give and I give and I give.

May 11, 2008

My Mind Is A Blank

All I know is digital, but I feel very analog.
All I'm told is FM, but I only hear AM.

The real spoken word
is left unspoken
as I sit in the back
of a house of prayers.
I only wonder
if I am valuable.
Who am I?
A block of memories.
A series of chapters
without a clear sense of reason.

All I watch is in color, but I enjoy is in black and white.
All I learn is right, but all I know is wrong.