April 9, 2008

Roses Are Red...

I bleed
the color red.
I cannot imagine
a world
where true romance
is an endangered species.
I cry
in the room
behind my thoughts and feelings.
I have yet to understand
why I care
so much
about my humanity.
What frightens me
the most
is being alone.

I hope she calls me back...............................

April 2, 2008


Time is the ultimate power in the world. I cannot buy into the feeling that I am so very vulnerable. I wander helplessly trying to find my way when all the while the journey is the way. The journey is life.

Not before, will it be too long,
and not after will it be forgotten.

I am the journey through the ticking and tocks. I make my bed in the shadows of being one day a photograph scrapbook. Never more the man with a good job or a beautiful face. Perhaps hailed in the value of wealth even though the money was never enough.