February 11, 2008

The Battle Between Experiences

First, I wanted to be like
every other successful visionary.
Then, I cracked open my lungs.
.......Sat around.
.......Started to breathe.
The pieces of my eternity
were laid upon me on a rock.
A rough surface of life and experience.
Tomorrow I will begin to examine myself.
What am I and what do I stand for?
.......Safety and security?
.......Discovery and chance?
The next day will deliver
a new mess to be cleaned up.
The hours will pass by quickly
until there is no more time left.
Peace is tranquil
when every last ounce of sweat is lost.
.........I live for hope.
.........I live to dream.


Everymatter said...

you have written a very nice poet

keep it up

if u are interested we can exchange links


DragonRaid said...

"what am I and what do I stand for?"

i think everyone should answer that question and find themselves. i'd hate to see someone fake it their whole lives only to see it all fall apart in the end.

"I live for hope. I live to dream"

it's good to hope. it's good to dream. tomorrow is a new day.

jeff said...

Hmm...there are some thought provoking lines in here such as the ones the guy above me pointed out. The first part about trying to find yourself instead of copying other artists is something most poets or writers or painters etc go through when finding their niche in their art.

Julie said...

Great poem Frederick.....your poem reminds me of myself.
".....I live for hope....I live to dream."

Michelle Hix said...

Isn't it interesting that we feel we really start to breathe when we start examining our lives and what what we are living for.

Shemley said...

The hardest thing to do is self analysis as it can reveal what we dont want it to...

bRaT said...

".......Safety and security?
.......Discovery and chance?"

I love that contrast... nice poem... :) sort of like that "Forest and the River" poem..

noelia ~ said...

"The next day will deliver
a new mess to be cleaned up."

favorite line

Christopher Gehler said...

I've just been <3'ing everyone tonight. Another poem I completely understand and relate to.


Deepa said...
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Deepa said...

I think...
Impressed by the idol of our vision,
Emulate, is reflex of inner emotions.
Step back and let them pour,
Detach, till they are a mere trickle.
Your vision shall dawn in new light,
In the battle between experiences.