November 30, 2007

Thirteen (Heaven?)

In the end.... a happy ending.

If not for the wind...
I could not have found this place.....
I am to be greeted by the same spirit as before me.....

What a wonderful place.
The blues, the greens, all the colors of the rainbow.
Is this heaven?

The Day

I wrote this way back in 1994. I always liked this poem which means nobody else will. ha-ha. It was my way of trying to explain how I felt when I had lousy day of doing the same old routine things again. Keep in mind I was 18.

The day, no less rises from the same chain of events.
It begins to mourn and ends with a good night.
If I could only count the number of times the sun has abandoned the day, I too may be able to relate with its pain.
Is there no going back?

The day, no less rises from the same lazy greeting.
It follows the clock around the moon.
It sleeps with the window open.

Follow the dream of a sunset strip.
Walk with me in good company.
Smell the flowers as they begin to bloom and eat dinner after midnight.
Make the mourning wait for you and take a nap when you feel like it.

As An Adult

You know those days when it hits you that you're getting old, or atleast older. I wrote this during one of those days.

I must be getting more emotional as an adult.
The other day I cried in a movie theater.
The main character and I had a lot in common.

I must be getting smarter as an adult.
At the dinner table I didn't finish my plate.
Instead, I stopped eating when I felt full.

I must be getting bored as an adult.
Someone told me about a brand new song.
I heard it by someone else before.

I must be getting simplistic as an adult.
My wife told me to relax.
I did some gardening and thanked her later.